Tides Of Tomorrow Ep


Format: CD
Catalog: 66
Genre: Rock & Pop
Rel. Date: 10/15/2002
UPC: 790168106620

Tides Of Tomorrow Ep
Artist: Cave In
Format: CD
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Tired of Cave In's inability to pinpoint an identity amongst all of theirtireless (and at times, counter-productive) experiments at genre blending? Goodnews: they are, too! Odds are, this six-song EP will be to the quartet'sforthcoming major label debut what Creative Eclipses was to Jupiter:a succinct little statement of purpose that eases the transition from one left-fieldapproach to the next. Actually, Tides of Tomorrow is more closely alignedwith 2000's breathtaking Jupiter than any two Cave In records beforeit. And considering how well all of the diverse components of the group'ssound—progressive-rock time signatures, plaintive vocals and a pinch ofmetal bombast—came together on Jupiter, any more of the same isdefinitely a good thing.

But the one lesson the group hasn't learned yet is simple economy. Halfof the songs on Tides of Tomorrow are more bloated than they ought tobe, and the one song that sounds exactly right—"The Callus"—isa Giants Chair cover, so it's immune to the same line of criticism. Thesix-and-a-half minute title track is actually a great example of what'swrong with the picture: way too much exposition, way too little shape, and waytoo much overstatement of the song's already undernourished framework.All of the emphasis on farty math-rock textures and overwrought emo whiningmakes Tides of Tomorrow sound like a warmed-over Radiohead rehash. And partsof the record are boring, something that Cave In has never been guilty of before.But if the next record sounds anything like "Dark Driving" or "Everest"—thetwo songs on the EP that suggest the angularity of past efforts—all willbe forgiven.