Piper's Apron
Artist: Tommy Keene
Format: CD
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1. Cliffs of Moher/Spot the Wallop [Jigs], The
2. Boys of the 25/The Hare's Paw/The Pinch of Snuff [Reels], The
3. Willie's Polka
4. Big Pat/Billy Brocker's/The Ballintra Lass [Reels]
5. Will You Come Down to Limerick/The Piper's Apron/Give Us a Drink
6. Maids of Mont Cisco/The Crooked Road [Reels], The
7. Gold Ring [Jig], The
8. Reddigan's/The Limestone Rock/Miss Ramsey's [Reels]
9. Ceo Na gCnoc/The Torn Jacket/Miss McGuinness [Reels]
10. Dusty Miller/The Silver Slipper/Willie's Fling No. 2 [Single Jig
11. Sliabh Gheal gCua [Air]
12. Down the Back lane/Sergeant Early's [Jigs]
13. Connacht Heifers/The Yellow Tinker [Reels], The
14. Sliabh Russell/The Connachtman's Rambles/Paddy Whack [Jigs]
15. Dublin Lads/I Have No Money/The Hairy Chested Frog [Reels], The