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Rel. Date: 05/22/2001
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Artist: Snoop Doggy Dogg
Format: CD
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''Doggystyle'' is the debut album from American hip hop musician Snoop Doggy Dogg, released November 23, 1993 on Death Row Records. The album was recorded soon following the release of Dr. Dre's landmark debut album ''The Chronic'' (1992), to which Snoop Dogg contributed significantly. His musical stylizations for the album share similarity to those featured on ''Doggystyle''. Critics have praised Snoop Dogg for the lyrical "realism" he delivers on the album and for his distinctive vocal flow.

Despite some mixed criticism of the album initially upon its release, ''Doggystyle'' has earned recognition from many music critics as one of the most significant albums of the 1990s, as well as one of the most important hip hop albums ever released. Much like ''The Chronic'', the distinctive sounds of ''Doggystyle'' helped introduce the hip hop style of G-funk to a mainstream audience, bringing forward West Coast hip hop as a dominant force in the early 1990s. As of 2008, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has certified ''Doggystyle'' quadruple platinum in sales, as it serves as Snoop Dogg's highest-selling album.

''Doggystyle'' debuted at number-one on the ''Billboard'' 200 chart, and sold 802,858 copies in its first week alone, which was the record for a debuting artist and the fastest-selling album ever until Eminem's ''Marshall Mathers LP'' in 2000. ''Doggystyle'' is viewed by many critics and fans as a "hip hop classic" and is included in The Source magazine's list of the 100 Best Rap Albums, as well as ''Rolling Stone'' magazine's list of Essential Recordings of the 90s. About.com placed the album in #19 of the greatest hip hop/rap albums of all time. - Wikipedia