Me and Magdalena [RSD 2019]


Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Barsuk Records
Rel. Date: 04/13/2019
UPC: 655173118474

Me and Magdalena [RSD 2019]
Artist: Benjamin Gibbard
Format: 7" Vinyl


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Benjamin Gibbard’s Me and Magdalena / The Concept is a split single with two unreleased tracks taken from separate sessions Gibbard did with Richard Swift, the renowned singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who tragically passed away in 2018.  The single is the second entry by Fug Yep Soundation, a 7” series created in loving memory of our friend & musical hero, Richard Swift. Its goal, through releasing music, is to raise awareness for addiction and bring community to those suffering.  The A-side is the unreleased demo of “Me and Magdalena” which Gibbard wrote for The Monkees 2016 album Good Times!. The B-side is an alternate unreleased version of Teenage Fanclub's “The Concept” from Gibbard’s cover of the band’s classic Bandwagonesque album, which he released in 2017. Net proceeds will go to the Swift family and two incredible organizations, MusiCares and Music Support UK, who will help facilitate this mission.  Me and Magdalena / The Concept will be numbered and limited to 2,000 worldwide.  Black vinyl, no download code included.

SIDE A: Me and Magdalena SIDE B: The Concept