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Wherefore Art Thou? - Songs Inspired By Nick Hornby's


Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 11/22/2018
UPC: 634457889613

Wherefore Art Thou? - Songs Inspired By Nick Hornby's
Artist: Perry Serpa
Format: Vinyl
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NYC-based singer/songwriter Perry Serpa has possibly, for the very first time, brought to life a fictionally depicted album. The artist, in this case, is Tucker Crowe, the main character of Nick Hornby's celebrated novel Juiiet, Naked. Serpa takes his record's title from the name Hornby gave to its fictional tribute album and lifts the song titles, sequencing, couplets and influences laid out in the description of Crowe's tortured and lovesick opus. Guests include The Minus 5's Scott McCaughey, Laura Cantrell, Aja Warren and Edward Rogers. Wherefore Art Thou? coincides with Judd Apatow's screen adaptation of Juliet, Naked but is unrelated to the film.

1. And You Are? (Scott McCaughey on lead vocals) 2. Adultery (Aja Warren co-vocals) 3. We’re In Trouble4. In Too Deep5. Who Do You Love? 6. Dirty Dishes (Laura Cantrell co-vocals)7. The Better Man8. The Twentieth Call Of The Day 9. Blood Ties 10. You And Your Perfect Life