Format: CD
Catalog: BCD15507
Rel. Date: 03/25/1994
UPC: 4000127155078

Montana Slim-Dynamite Trail-D [Import]
Artist: Wilf Carter
Format: CD
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1. One Golden Curl
2. My Mountain High Yodel
3. I'm Gonna Tear Down the Mailbox
4. Maple Leaf Waltz
5. There's a Tree on Every Road
6. I Bought a Rock For a Rocky Mountain Gal
7. Shoo Shoo Sh' la La
8. Sunshine Bird, The
9. Kissin' on the Sly
10. Alpine Milkman, The
11. Dynamite Trail
12. Strawberry Roan
13. Ragged But Right
14. There's a Padlock on Your Heart
15. Yodelin' Song, The
16. On a Little Two Acre Farm
17. Strawberry Roan
18. My Little Lady
19. Silver Bell Yodel
20. Away Out on the Mountain
21. Blind Boy's Prayer, The
22. X's From Down in Texas
23. Let a Little Sunshine in Your Heart
24. There's a Bluebird on Your Windowsill
25. My French Canadian Girl
26. Sick, Sober and Sorry
27. Sinner's Prayer, A
28. My Prairie Rose
29. Yodeling My Babies to Sleep
30. Born to Lose