Artist: Public Squares

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Format: Vinyl
Label: Roofless
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 04/21/2018
UPC: 271074000771

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More Info:

Is this an art project in the vein of their fellow Ohioan predecessor’s DEVO? Is this some sort of mental dillusion by three musicians with a collective resumé that includes SIDECAR, LIVING STEREO and even hardcore legends INTEGRITY? Or is the human race actually in some sort of trouble that aliens have travelled to Earth to stop via a brand new genre of music known as New Wave Rhythm & Punk?

Side 1 1. Your Mental Illness Is Bumming Me Out 2. Modern Medicine 3. Go Medium
Side 2 1. Tomorrow’s Dream 2. I Know Lots of Humans 3. Please Don’t Let Me Down