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Soundtracks [Box Set]


Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 10/07/2014
UPC: 081227957315

Soundtracks [Box Set]
Artist: Ry Cooder
Format: CD
New: In Stock $55.86

Available Formats and Editions

1. The Long Riders (Remastered Version)
$1.29 Download
2. I'm A Good Old Rebel (Remastered Version)
3. Seneca Square Dance (Remastered Version)
4. Archie's Funeral (Hold To God's Unchanging Hand) [Remastered Version]
5. I Always Knew That You Were The One (Remastered Version)
6. Rally 'round The Flag (Remastered Version)
7. Wildwood Boys (Remastered Version)
8. Better Things To Think About (Remastered Version)
9. Jesse James (Remastered Version)
10. Cole Younger Polka (Remastered Version)
11. Escape From Northfield (Remastered Version)
12. Leaving Missouri (Remastered Version)
13. Jesse James (Remastered Version)
1. Paris, Texas
$1.29 Download
2. Brothers
3. Nothing Out There
4. Cancion Mixteca
5. No Safety Zone
6. Houston In Two Seconds (Soundtrack Version)
7. She's Leaving The Bank
8. On The Couch
9. I Knew These People
10. Dark Was The Night
1. Theme From Alamo Bay
$1.29 Download
2. Gooks On Main Street
3. Too Close (With Amy Madigan & John Hiatt) [Remastered Album Version] (Remastered Version)
4. Klan Meeting (Remastered Version)
5. Sailfish Evening (Remastered Version)
6. The Last Stand (Alamo Bay) [With Lee Ving] [Remastered Version]
7. Quatro Vicios (With Cesar Rosas & David Hidalgo) [Remastered Version]
8. Search And Destroy (Remastered Version)
9. Glory (Remastered Version)
1. Crossroads
$1.29 Download
2. Down In Mississippi
3. Cotton Needs Pickin'
4. Viola Lee Blues
5. See You In Hell Blind Boy
6. Nitty Gritty Mississippi
7. He Made A Woman Out Of Me
8. Feelin' Bad Blues
9. Somebody's Callin' My Name
10. Willie Brown Blues
11. Walkin' Away Blues
1. Blue City Down (Remastered Version)
2. Elevation 13 Ft. (Remastered Version)
3. Marianne
4. Nice Bike (Remastered Version)
5. Greenhouse (Remastered Version)
6. Billy And Annie (Remastered Version)
7. Pops And 'timer / Tell Me Something Slick (Remastered Version)
8. Blue City (Remastered Version)
$1.29 Download
9. Don't Take Your Guns To Town (Remastered Version)
10. A Leader Of Men (Remastered Version)
11. Not Even Key West (Remastered Version)
1. Main Theme (Johnny Handsome) [Remastered Version]
2. I Can't Walk This Time/The Prestige (Remastered Version)
3. Angola (Remastered Version)
4. Clip Joint Rhumba (Remastered Version)
5. Sad Story (Remastered Version)
6. Fountain Walk (Remastered Version)
7. Cajun Metal (Remastered Version)
8. First Week At Work (Remastered Version)
9. Greasy Oysters (Remastered Version)
10. Smells Like Money (Remastered Version)
11. Sunny's Tune (Remastered Version)
12. I Like Your Eyes (Remastered Version)
13. Adios Donna (Remastered Version)
14. Cruising With Rafe (Remastered Version)
15. How's My Face (Remastered Version)
16. End Theme (Johnny Handsome) [Remastered Version]
1. Video Drive-By
2. Trespass (Main Title)
$1.29 Download
3. East St. Louis
4. Orgill Bros.
5. Goose And Lucky
6. You Think It's On Now
7. Solid Gold
8. Heroin
9. Totally Boxed In
10. Give 'em Cops
11. Lucy In The Trunk
12. We're Rich
13. King Of The Streets
14. Party Lights

More Info:

Rhino presents a retrospective boxed set with seven CDs that focus on Cooder s work in the Eighties and early Nineties: The Long Riders, Alamo Bay, Paris, Texas, Blue City, Crossroads, Johnny Handsome and Trespass. RY COODER: SOUNDTRACKS will be available on September 29th. A digital version will also be available.


The music is presented in a clamshell box that features new artwork by Tornado Design, the group behind the distinctive look found on several of Cooder s recent studio albums, as well as Rhino s 2008 anthology, The UFO Has Landed. 

After Cooder worked on soundtracks for Watermelon Man and Performance (starring Mick Jagger), he began producing soundtracks on his own. He started in 1980 with The Long Riders. It was the first of many soundtracks that Cooder would record for the film s director, Walter Hill. Many of them are included in this set: Crossroads, Johnny Handsome, Trespass, and Blue City, a film Hill produced.

Cooder enjoyed a prolific two-year period between 1985-86 when he reeled off more than half of the soundtracks in this collection, including Alamo Bay, Blue City, Crossroads, and Paris, Texas, the Wim Wenders film that won the prestigious Palme d Or in 1984 at the Cannes Film Festival. 

The soundtracks vary widely in terms of style, even as the group of musicians who performed on them remained remarkably consistent. In fact, some combination of drummer Jim Keltner, Memphis legend Jim Dickinson, guitarist David Lindley, and composer Van Dyke Parks can be heard on every soundtrack included in this set. In addition to those core musicians, the albums also boasts some fantastic guest performances by Cesar Rosas and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos on Alamo Bay, keyboardist Benmont Tench of the Heartbreakers on Blue City, and harmonica player Sonny Terry on Crossroads.