Format: CD
Catalog: 0044281
Genre: Classical
Rel. Date: 10/09/2007
UPC: 034571142814

Orchestral Music
Artist: G. BANTOCK
Format: CD
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Available Formats and Editions


1. Lento Sostenuto
2. Allegro Con Fuoco
3. Andante Con Tenerezza
4. Port-a-bial: Allegro Con Spirito
5. Largamente Maestoso
6. A: 'A Lady-Witch There Lived On Atlas' Mountain'
7. B: 'Tis Said, She Was First Changed Into a Vapour
8. C: 'And Old Silenus, Shaking a Green Stick'
9. D: 'And Every Nymph Of Stream And Spreading Tree'
10. E: 'For She Was Beautiful: Her Beauty Made'
11. F: 'The Deep Recesses Of Her Odorous Dwelling'
12. G: 'And Then She Called Out Of the Hollow Turrets'
13. H: 'To Those She Saw Most Beautifl, She Gave'
14. The Sea Reivers
15. Untitled
16. Untitled
17. Untitled
18. Untitled
19. Untitled
20. Untitled
21. Untitled
22. Untitled
23. Untitled


1. Tranquillo Molto Lento Sostenuto
2. Allegro Con Spirito
3. Scherzo: Dance Of Satyrs
4. Fanfare: Allegretto Con Moto
5. Molto Lento, Sostenuto E Rubato
6. Allegro Molto E Con Fuoco
7. Prologue 'Amphibian': Tranquillo, Molto Sostenuto
8. The Fair: Vivace
9. Fifine Dances: Allegretto Grazioso E Capriccioso
10. Elvire's Theme
11. Epilogue: Lento Con Malinconia
12. #1 Cuchullan's Lament
13. #2 Kishmul's Galley


1. Medley: Maestoso E Sforzato/Lentamente/Poco Largamente/Con Piu M
2. Medley: Liberamente/Affrettando/Tranquillo Molto Sostenuto
3. Medley: Animando/Con Fuoco/Con Molto Agitato
4. Medley: Lentamente/Leno Sostenuto/Poco Lentando/Allegretto Grazi
5. Medley: Piu Moto, Affrettando/Tranquillo, E Molto Sostenuto
6. Theme: Lento Molto
7. Variation I: Allegro Con Molto Con Fuoco
8. Variation II: Poco Tranquillo
9. Variation III: Allegretto Scherzando
10. Variation IV: Molto Moderato Quasi Religioso
11. Variation V: Capriccioso
12. Variation VI: Poco Agitato
13. Variation VII: Lento Molto E Sostenuto
14. Variation VII: Con Moto Affetuoso
15. Variation IX: Allegro Impetuoso
16. Variation X: No Piu Allegro
17. Variation XI: Andante Doloroso
18. Variation XII Finale: Allegro Appasionato
19. Dante And Beatrice


1. Prelude
2. I. Hymn To Aphrodite
3. II. 'I Loved Thee Once, Atthis, Long Ago'
4. III. Evening Song
5. IV. 'Stand Face To Face, Friend'
6. V. 'The Moon Has Set'
7. VI. 'Peer Of Gods He Seems'
8. VII. 'In a Dream, I Spake'
9. VIII. Bridal Song
10. IX. 'Muse Of the Golden Throne'
11. Sapphic Poem


1. Prelude to The Song Of Songs
2. Prelude To Omar Khayyam
3. Camel Caravan From Omay Khayyam
4. Caristiona
5. Processional
6. Introduction: The Powers Of Evil
7. Zeinab's Theme
8. Thalaba's Theme
9. Oneiza's Theme
10. Thalaba's Fatal Languor
11. Wedding And Brief Happiness Of Love
12. Death Of Oneiza
13. Thalaba Wanders Desolately Amid the Tombs
14. Thalaba Sets Out Again On His Mighty Quest
15. Thalaba Sets Out Again On His Mighty Quest
16. Evil Lost For Ever
17. The Last Ecstasy Of Faith And Love


1. Untitled Track
2. Untitled Track
3. Untitled Track
4. Untitled Track
5. The Wilderness And the Solitary Place
6. Pierrot Of the Minute
7. The Second Day: 'The Voice Of My Beloved!'
8. The Second Day: 'My Beloved Spake'
9. The Second Day: 'Arise, My Love'
10. The Second Day: 'Take Us the Foxes'
11. The Second Day: She Flings Herself Upon a Divan In An Ecstasy Of
12. The Second Day: 'By Night In My Dream I Sought Him'
13. The Second Day: 'But I Found Him Whom My Soul Loveth'
14. The Third Day: The King's Gifts
15. The Third Day: The Shulamite
16. The Third Day: The Shulamite Is Left Alone
17. The Third Day: The Shulamite Reflects Upon Her Absent Shepherd-L
18. The Third Day: And Sees Him In a Vision On the Mountainside
19. The Fifth Day: 'Who Is This That Cometh Up From the Wilderness?'
20. The Fifth Day: 'Set Me As a Seal Upon Thine Heart'
21. The Fifth Day: 'Many Waters Cannot Quench Love'
22. The Fifth Day: 'For Love Is Strong As Death'
23. The Fifth Day: 'We Have a Little Sister'
24. The Fifth Day: 'Make Haste, My Beloved'