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Advance & Vanquish


Format: CD
Catalog: 182742
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 10/19/2004
UPC: 016861827427

Advance & Vanquish
Artist: 3 Inches Of Blood
Format: CD
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You've heard them ad nauseum: "Nu-Metal", "Hair-Metal", "Emo", "Screamo", "Post-Hardcore", "Metal-Core", & on & on. 3 INCHES OF BLOOD has arrived to tread on the bleached bones of those exhausted genres. A band to unite the tribes of mallrats, skaters, punks & bikers under one banner. Because, after years of a steady de-evolution of the founding tenets of heavy music, to today's ears, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD's Advance & Vanquish could not be more fresh.


Canadian sextet 3 Inches of Blood are from a place (they'd probably call it a "realm") where the local record store burned down shortly after the release of Number of the Beast, where Holy Diver and Screaming for Vengeance are the aural equivalents of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back; where the phrase "storming the castle" is not merely figurative, and where it's perfectly acceptable to call a song "Destroy the Orcs," "Swordmaster," or "Axes of Evil" and not be even slightly joking, not for a second. That realm is Vancouver, where 3 Inches of Blood live (reign?) in an imaginary fortress in their parents' basement, ensconced by a moat that seals them off from their little sisters, communication with the outside world, and other "enemies of metal." They are so not kidding that they even have a Running Wild-style pirate trilogy called "Upon the Boiling Sea," which includes such swashbuckling anthems as "Fear on the Bridge," "Lord of the Storm," and "Isle of Eternal Despair." They're way too metal for just one singer, so 3IOB have two: screecher Jamie Hooper handles all the Kreator parts while Cam Pipes (again, not kidding) invokes the shrieking triumvirate of Dio/Dickinson/King Diamond. It's like two chain-smoking middle-aged aunties in pristine white high-tops and ripped jeans fighting over the bouquet at their younger sister's wedding-only Pipes and Hooper are united in their quest to destroy false metal, so it never actually comes to blows. Still, betcha can't make it through "Deadly Sinners" without a comb, a mirror or throwing at least one goat.