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Noctorum's new single ‘A Girl With No Love’,  (set for release on October 24, 2018 through all digital platforms) is taken from the album "The Afterlife", which Marty Willson-Piper and Dare Mason have been recording with help from local musicians at Mason’s VIP Lounge studio in Penzance, Cornwall.

The first track released from the new album is "A Girl With No Love". Comical in its despair, the song explores the emotions of and options against physical loneliness in a world where surrounded with many choices, one can find themselves not just alone with their thoughts but with the incessant pressing pain of nature’s physical needs. In removing the complicated social etiquette, the compromise, the personality, the perceived trouble involved, the cost - this one time expense might adequately satisfy that nature in a world where communication skills, empathy and love are lost in a lonely room full of blind sentient beings that are unable to connect, unable to trust and are doomed or blessed to an eternity of fantasy.

"The Afterlife", Noctorum's first recording in 7 years, will be proudly released by Schoolkids Records-The Label in early 2019.

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