In-Store Performance Inquiries





1.     1. When was your most recent release, and was it a full-length, EP, or single? Is it being released independently or through a record label (local or otherwise)? If it’s being released through a label, which label?


2.     2. What area venues have you played? Were you an opener or the main act? What type of turnouts have you had at shows in which you’re the main act?


3.     3. Have you had any airplay from local radio stations like WKNC 88.1?


4.     4. Why do you want to play at Schoolkids Records?


5.     5. When would you want to play at Schoolkids Records? Are you able to play Friday or Saturday nights around 8 PM?


6.     6. Please send us some of your music to listen to along with your answers to this questionnaire (either attach a Word doc or copy/paste your answers). The easiest way to do this is to send your answers and links to your music to and (please don’t send mp3s as attachments, this takes up space on our computers).


7.     7. In your e-mail, please also include a band bio/press kit (with background info on you/your band—where you’re from,etc. —, photos, videos, links to all your social media—especially Facebook—and anything else you’d like to include). Basically anything that can help us get a better idea of who you are as a band.


8.     8. Remember that we are a record store first and foremost, so don’t treat an in-store as an opportunity for glorified practice or an open-mic. We’re here to help you promote and sell your record. Thanks so much for your interest in playing Schoolkids!