In Spades

In Spades

Artist: The Afghan Whigs

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Format: CD
Label: SUB POP
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 05/05/2017
UPC: 098787115024

In Spades
In Spades

Artist: The Afghan Whigs
1. Birdland
2. Arabian Heights
3. Demon In Profile
4. Toy Automatic
5. Oriole
6. Copernicus
7. The Spell
8. Light as a Feather
9. I Got Lost
10. Into the Floor

More Info:

Divination/Cleromancy/Comes the card that I refused to see The Afghan Whigs, Oriole Cleromancy isnt a word one normally finds in rock lyrics. Then again, In Spades the forthcoming album by The Afghan Whigs, from which the new song Oriole hails is defined only by its own mystical inner logic. The term means to divine, in a supernatural manner, a prediction of destiny from the random casting of lots: the throwing of dice, picking a card from a deck. From its evocative cover art to the troubled spirits haunting its halls, In Spades casts a spell that challenges the listener to unpack its dark metaphors and spectral imagery. On the one hand, In Spades is as quintessentially Afghan Whigs as anything the group has ever done fulfilling its original mandate to explore the missing link between howling Midwestern punk like Die Kreuzen and Hsker D, The Temptations psychedelic soul symphonies, and the expansive hard-rock tapestries of Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd. At the same time, this new record continues to push beyond anything in the Whigs previous repertoire another trademark, along with the explosive group dynamic captured on the recording. Indeed, the chemistry of the lineup Dulli, guitarists Dave Rosser and Jon Skibic, drummer Patrick Keeler, multi-instrumentalist Rick Nelson, and Whigs co-founder/bassist John Curley set the tone for In Spades creation. When it came to follow up the bands triumphant return to recording Do To the Beast (Sub Pop 2014), which was the bands first ever Top 40 album, the die was cast. This is the first time since Black Love [the Whigs 1996 noir masterpiece] that weve done a full-blown band album, Dulli says. The joys, sorrows, and upheavals of innocence and experience echo throughout In Spades: it powerfully documents where The Afghan Whigs have been, and where they might go next. For Dulli and Curley, its a journey that, since their origins as one of the first Sub Pop acts to be signed from outside the labels Pacific Northwest base, has spanned decades. Dulli notes they were barely in their twenties when they first started the band, and yet here they are, fulfilling dreams long held and frequently realized. Having a break from the Whigs helped me remember what made it so rewarding, Curley says. Over the course of a lifetime, there are constants, and theres also change. You see whos dropped off the vine whos going in reverse, and whos still by your side. Its interesting to see where life takes you, and where it doesnt. Thats the journey and it hasnt stopped. In Spades was recorded at Rick Nelsons studio Marigny Sound in New Orleans, LA.