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Music Releases 07-14-17

Oh Wonder
Shabazz Palaces
Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star [LP]
Shabazz Palaces
Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines [LP]
Dead Reflection [LP]
The Dears
Times Infinity Volume Two [LP]
Out In The Storm [LP]
Offa Rex
The Queen Of Hearts [LP]
Lo Tom
Lo Tom [LP]
Arlo Guthrie
Alice's Restaurant [LP Summer Of Love Exclusive]
K.D. Lang
Ingenue: 25th Anniversary Edition
French Montana
Jungle Rules
The B-52's
Summer Of Love [Vinyl Single, Summer Of Love Exclusive]
The Electric Prunes
The Electric Prunes (50th Anniversary Edition) [Purple LP Summer Of Love Exclusive]
Sun Seeker
Biddeford EP [Vinyl]
The Monkees
Summer Of Love [Red/White Splatter LP, Summer Of Love Exclusive]
Vanilla Fudge
Vanilla Fudge [White LP, Summer Of Love Exclusive]
Various Artists
Gettin' Together (Groovy Sounds From The Summer of Love) [Colored LP, Summer Of Love Exclusive]
Dear [LP]
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Stranger Things Soundtrack Vol.2 [Deluxe Edition Vinyl]
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Movie Releases 07-14-17

Kong: Skull Island [Movie]
Kong: Skull Island
Resident Evil
Resident Evil: Vendetta
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Music Releases 07-21-17

Stu Larsen - Resolute [LP]

Stu Larsen
Resolute [LP]

Vinyl: $22.98
Digital Tracks

Goldfinger - The Knife

The Knife

CD: $12.98
Digital: $9.99

DED - Mis-An-Thrope


CD: $13.98
Digital: $9.99

Sara Evans - Words [LP]

Sara Evans
Words [LP]

Vinyl: $19.98
Digital Tracks

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Movie Releases 07-21-17

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Music Releases 07-28-17

Rings Of Saturn
Ultu Ulla [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Yellow LP]
Freaked Out American Loser
Cage The Elephant
John Pizzarelli
Sinatra & Jobim At 50
Alice Cooper
Rings Of Saturn
Ultu Ulla
Hard Working Americans
Something Else - Single
Manchester Orchestra
A Black Mile To The Surface [2LP]
Shamans Harvest
Red Hands Black Deeds [LP]
Arthur Alexander
Arthur Alexander
Jillette Johnson
All I Ever See In You Is Me [LP]
Herb Alpert
Music Volume 1
Isley Brothers / Santana
Power Of Peace [LP]
Valve Studio Orchestra
The DOTA 2 (The Official Soundtrack)
Rex Brown
Smoke On This... [LP]
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Movie Releases 07-28-17

Going In Style [Movie]
Going In Style
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